Adventures in Autistic Parenthood

Friday, April 2, 2010

Control Issues

    I'm not exactly the stereotypical male. I cook, write poetry, rarely need directions, ask for directions when needed, and I even fill ice cube trays. But recently Dude has revealed that while I may not be the 'typical' man he's noticed some stereotypical tendencies.
    Dave and I have a game (more fun for me than him probably) where I call him downstairs for no reason. Sometimes just to get him to walk repeatedly down the stairs, (where he doesn't want to be) and sometimes just to wrestle or goof around. Either way we end up laughing and yelling and then he runs back upstairs to save the universe yelling 'NO!!' as I try to call him down yet again.
    The other day I was laying on the floor on my back looking like an accident victim, with my arms and legs spread when I called David down to mess around. I hollered his name a couple of times asking for help, and just laid there on the floor waiting for him to decend with the required assistance. He came down the stairs grumbling as I asked him once again for help. He immediately completed his decent to the ground floor, and walked in my direction. Then, with some evident disgust, leaned over, snatched the remote off of the floor and deposited it in my outstretched hand. Then he returned upstairs with something that sounded like, 'I just can't take it anymore'. I lay there on the floor laughing as Raine came back into the room. After I explained what had happened she said, ' Well, he must have figured that was what you were missing.' Et tu Brute'? I mean, I haven't requested to be buried with it or anything, but evidently the rest of the household thinks I have some (remote) Control Issues to work out.

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