Adventures in Autistic Parenthood

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Time on My Hands:

Pittsburgh Transformer

I remember saying once something like, 'A few days without Dude is a vacation', or something like that. Well, I'm way over that stage and it already seems like his exile should be over and I should be rescuing him from the Perils of the Midwest... or something. (too dramatic, you think?) But unfortunately, and by Court Order, I've got to wait another week before I can swipe him back. For some reason the thought of stealing him back sounds better to me than just saying I'm just going to be picking him up... lol.

Not that there won't be times after I've picked him up that I'll wonder why I went to the trouble. but mostly I'm more than happy to have him around.... mostly.

Father's day was spent taking Raine's son Dahntahn (that's downtown to those who don't speak Pittsburgh) to catch a bus back to Penn State and I saw this really cool Pittsburgh Transformer-like statue. The first two things that flashed through my mind were: 'Dave would REALLY like this' and 'I'd probably have to figure out some way to keep him from crawling around on it'. 'Cause there's no way that little knee high chain will keep him out. It seems that 'Arch' (no I didn't make that up) was created by California artist Glenn Kaino for the 250th anniversary celebration. It's 20 feet tall and looks like a Transformer made out of bridges and girders. Now this kind of thing makes sense to find in Pittsburgh. It's industrial, made out of bridges and is mostly black and gold. Unlike the full sized Fredric Remington-esque bronco buster statue in a Gym parking lot next to the bike trail. Not only would Dude not care about it, but what the hell is a cowboy statue doing in Pittsburgh? Next to a gym? The mind wobbles.

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